35 Years After the Blackout: 8 Songs We’d Listen to If It Happened Again Today

07/13/2012 3:29 PM |


It was 35 years ago today that New York City turned dark, melting into a cesspool of riots and looting, or, in the case of David Byrne and friends, a perfectly pleasant place to grill hotdogs and hamburgers on a rooftop while taking a break from recording an album soon to be known as Talking Heads: 77. As you spend some time thinking about the infamous 1977 blackout, we give you a playlist best suited to be listened to in the dark, in 90-degree weather, in 2012, with your future in question.

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  • Of course there was the bigger blackout of 1965, that only we Rolling Stones afficianados would recall… Troy NY radio station WTRY was one of a few east coast am stations that remained on air during the outage (which some to this day attribute to “flying saucers” over Niagar falls’ power grid HQ) WTRY played ONE song during the darkness: “Baby Don’t Go” by Sonny & Cher, which was #6 at the time on their “Big Sound Survey.”

  • Inspiring songs.