Start Your Post-4th Weekend With Art in Brooklyn

07/04/2012 3:24 PM |

Heres to finding lively sparks days after the blast.

  • Here’s to finding lively sparks days after the blast.

It might not be a commonly held opinion that the days following July 4th feel a bit like the beginning of the end of summer, but if they do for you (too), then you might be happy to know there’s additional spark—and who knows, maybe even some lingering sparklers—to be found in a few art openings and events in Brooklyn this weekend.

Should you find yourself in the Bushwick/Ridgewood environs on Friday evening—where it’s not exactly unlikely that ‘sourceless’ fireworks and the like will still be going off—plan to make at least a few stops. NURTUREart, for one, will have an opening reception for …Is This Free?, from 7-9pm. Actually, it’s just the first opening for that very same show, as new works will be added to it over the course of the summer. That means more opening receptions, too. More on those some other time.

A few steps way from there, Storefront Bushwick will have an opening reception for a couple new exhibits. Cut Up, a group exhibit, will be in the front room, while Julie Torres’ solo show, Ghost in the Machine, will fill up the project space in the back. Expect the whole place to be pretty full-up. The event is 6-9pm.

A third opening to seek out the same evening is for a three-artist exhibit that will be up for three weeks. It’s at Valentine Gallery, where the new showcase will feature works by Bob Seng, Robert Franca and Vince Gargiulo. Openings at Valentine are always akin to contained explosions. It’ll be blowing up from 6-9pm.

As for arts events on Saturday, your best bet might just be to head over to The Brooklyn Museum for its extensive and extensively mixed-media, and all entirely free, First Saturdays programming from 5-11pm. Music and art and books and talks, all capped off with Late Night in the Galleries from 10-11. Who doesn’t love museums at night?

Speaking of the Brooklyn Museum, remember Go!, the Brooklyn-wide open studios event we announced here almost two months ago? Well, the registration deadline has been extended to July 10th. So there’s still time for you to get involved. Which is to say, there’s still a chance to win yourself an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Check it out here.

Happy 4th of July, everyone. And have a happy weekend too.

Beginning of the end or not.

Not, right?

(I really wish I could convince myself.)

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