The Coolest Concerts You Missed This Weekend

07/23/2012 2:30 PM |


We are currently in the midst of high summer concert season in New York City, and every night finds us spoilt for choice. Doubly so on the weekends, where every show attended means the shunning of several more worthy options. Of course, given the fine, mild weather, it can be hard to leave your rooftop picnic parties or whatnot. No worries, we understand. Although, I too missed many excellent weekend concerts, I did manage to attend a concert a day over the previous three-day span, and am prepared to fill you in. Movie soundtracks came to life. Free shows were offered. Mosh pits were formed. And lo, twas good.

Continue for photos and a brief summary of what you missed. From Drive to Dirty Beaches, from TEEN to teen punks.