The Facebook Art Gallery That Gives Bliss

07/27/2012 11:53 AM |


Facebook just got its first art gallery, #0000FF, an online-only project started by net artist Georges Jacotey. Net art is shockingly easy to get into: if you’re on the Internet at all, you know just how much of your daily life takes place in this strange, placeless place. To get over this strangeness, artists like Antonellis are trying to make this place a little more user-friendly.

The gallery’s first exhibition, Line #1, began yesterday. Artists Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, Manuel Fern√°ndez, and Hugo Scibetta will all take part, with single artworks released on the gallery’s Facebook page over the next few weeks. All the works in the show deal with the “Blue Aesthetic,” that very specific shade of blue that appears on blue screens of death and idling DVD players. Geek alert: the name of the show itself is the hexadecimal code used to indicate the color in HTML.

One day into the exhibition, there’s Hugo Scibetta’s line drawings to look at. They exist in a Facebook album that you can flip through, like the pages of a book. Or, if you view the album all at once, the 16 drawings rearrange themselves into a completely different picture. From this picture, it looks like there’s a secret Internet hiding beyond the Facebook page you’re on at the moment.

Finding that secret garden is key to Jacotey and other like-minded net artists. They want to root out a better Internet, one that lies beyond the current one. It should give bliss.