This New Ariel Pink Song Is Better Than All the Other Ariel Pink Songs

07/09/2012 2:36 PM |

Ariel Pink, awake.

  • Ariel Pink, awake.

Good news, everyone. Judging from the new single from Ariel Pink’s forthcoming album Mature Themes, he no longer “half-remembers” how his musical influences sound, to borrow the go-to descriptive phrase that got tossed around so much in reviews of his last effort, Before Today— that album everyone loved so much for reasons I never quite agreed with. Despite being called “Only in My Dreams,” that lo-fi fuzz ever popular in 2010 is scrubbed clean. Here Pink sounds alive and well, 100 percent remembering the fact that The Kinks’ guitars were bright and jangly, and that Brian Wilson never confused “dreamy” and “bored.” It’s summer, so let’s listen to music that sounds like it. Do it after the jump:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Mature Themes is due out August 21 via 4AD.

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  • Disagreed. This is fine and all, but I don’t think anyone who had an interest in AP before the last album was in it hoping that he’d just finally clean up and sound like the 60s or something. It was the singular weirdness of it, the Gary Wilson shut-in quality, where you wondered if he ever had any outside human contact. That carried over to Before Today, but cleaned up. For me at least, it was the weirdness not the slickness, still, that was the main draw. But that record was sort of atypical, really, for his older stuff (which is why it was so notable). This is fine, but more staid and predictable.

    I mean, he def. sounds totes wacked out on the song at that link, but there’s no way he’s nodding off (at least not just yet…)