This Week: Dirty Dancing and A High-Priced Rat Feast

07/20/2012 1:54 PM |


Once again, here’s our round-up of upcoming screenings, performances, and openings.

Friday, July 20th

Opening: Regina Rex, Practices Remain

The emerging collectively-run gallery Regina Rex is hosting another group show, this time from artists in Miami. As Regina Rex is a benchmark emerging New York gallery, we hope to find emerging Miami artists to watch.

1717 Troutman Street, #329, 7 – 10 PM

Immersive Sonic Experience, Coupled with Projectors: Zeljko McMullen

Composer and performance artist Zeljko McMullen will surround you in immersive sound and projection. If this trailer is any indication, should be whacky.

Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave, 8:00 pm. General admission: $15

Saturday, July 21st

Live Taping, La Sala: E.S.P. TV # 20

Bring your crazy drunk friend to the new live taping of E.S.P TV’s 20th episode. The weird experimental performance show, which appears on Manhattan cable, will work its green screen magic with performances by UUMANS with dancers Jessica Cook and Caitlin Marz, Alfi and Waldi, and Nymph. Previous episodes are available online.

58 North 3rd St, Williamsburg 7:30-11 PM

Tuesday, July 24th

Screening: The Clocktower Gallery, The Mythology of Conrad Schnitzler

A series of videos feature work by the electronic composer Conrad Schnitzler. Schnitzler, who died last year, became increasingly reclusive toward the end of his life; his friend and collaborator “Gen” Ken Montgomery presents his work.

108 Leonard Street, 13th Floor, 6 PM. Free. RSVP at

Wednesday, July 25th

Journal Launch and Readings: Triple Canopy, An evening with …ment journal

The intellectual in-crowd will be at the launch for the third issue of …ment journal, hosted by the pioneering online art journal Triple Canopy. There will be readings and a “lecture-performance” from writers, artists, curators. Don’t bring your crazy drunk friend to this one.

155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, 7:00 PM, $5 suggested donation

Rat Feast: Allegra LaViola, Laura Ginn: Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch

Start saving up! For just $100 a head, artist Laura Ginn invites you to a dinner of rats at Allegra LaViola Gallery. We’re assured that the dinner is “sourced from a clean and safe facility,” which should make you feel much better.

179 East Broadway, 7 – 9 PM. $100

Summer Screening: McCarren Park, Dirty Dancing

Remember when Jennifer Grey is sitting at that lame country club, and Patrick Swayze walks in in his leather jacket, and then he looks at her parents and says “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”? Remember that? That was good…right?
For those of us who can never remember this movie, grab a blanket: it’s playing again at SummerScreen!

Driggs Ave and Lorimer Street, Williamsburg. Bands go on at 6:30, and the movie starts at 8:15. Free.