Ugh: Woman Raped by Man She Chatted With on Train

07/12/2012 11:19 AM |


A woman visiting the city was raped in her hotel room by a man she met and had a conversation with on the train.

A tourist was raped in her Bronx hotel room by a tattooed man she had talked to on the subway, police said Thursday.

The 33-year-old victim had a short chat with the stranger on a train at the Union Square station in Manhattan Wednesday.

She exited the subway in the East Tremont area of the Bronx and walked to her hotel room, where she heard a knock at her door about 4 a.m.

The man from the subway pushed his way into her room and raped her, police said. [NY Daily News]

Ugh ugh ugh. Awful. If only there were a comedian around to make some hilariously edgy jokes about it.