Watch Chloe Sevigny as a Transgendered Hitwoman in Hit & Miss

07/11/2012 3:08 PM |


Chloë Sevigny’s new show Hit & Miss — the one you’ve probably heard made Sevigny “cry every day” of filming since her role as a male-to-female transgendered assassin required the daily application of a prosthetic penis — premiers tonight, to much fanfare and mixed reviews. However, DirectTV has put the first episode up to watch early and free online, the better to entice viewers with. And yes, you get to see the prosthetic penis almost immediately.

Though we admit we haven’t seen the full episode yet — hey, we do technically have “jobs” and “work to be doing” — the first episode, even the first ten minutes, fit in an unreal amount of plot. Right off the bat Sevigny’s character carries out a hit, walks around her lonely apartment naked, discovers that she fathered a son with her dead ex-girlfriend, then discovers that she’s been named the legal guardian of said ex-girlfriend’s three other children as well. Phew!

Put off whatever you’re supposedly working on right now and watch the full episode below: