You Can DIE From Having Loud Sex (If You Are a Fly)

07/24/2012 10:30 AM |

Watch out, ya freaky little bugs.

  • Watch out, ya freaky little bugs.

Good morning! Are you ready to think about flies doing it? Why not, right?

Flies may not scream out in ecstasy during sex, but they do create quite a buzz with their wings. And now researchers have found these mating moans can be heard by bats hungry for a meal.

The result: Wild Natterer’s bats get a double-size meal of copulating flies; the mating flies, rather than offspring, get death. [NBC News]

Gross, gross, and gross. An entire series of mental images nobody really needs. Still, flies out there, keep it down. To avoid being eaten by bats, sure, but also because nobody wants to hear that. Think about your roommates, man.