Your Bat-Weekend at the Bat-Movies

07/20/2012 8:59 AM |


The Dark Knight Rises: This will not be the first time I’ve recounted all previous Batman movies, nor will it likely be the last. When The Dark Knight came out in 2008, I had a series of fanboyish blog posts in this very space about previous incarnations of various Batman elements. Hell, when Batman Forever came out on VHS, I went back and covered the first three movies for my high school newspaper. So yes, to answer your question, I was a massively cool teenager. School paper? Check. Reading comics and watching Batman movies? Check. Fondness for Doritos? Double-check! Quick looks at all of the Batman theatrical releases so you don’t have to sit down and marathon yourself pre-Rises? CHECK!


Batman (1966): To be honest, I was never enamored with the campy sixties take on Batman. Maybe I came to it too late, or maybe the Burton movies got to me too early. I don’t remember ever seeing the show before I was nine or ten, and by then, I was accustomed to the shadowy, gothic version. Eventually I got into the comics, and the disposable sci-fi camp thing wasn’t really what I was looking for. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the entire ’66 movie, though I haven’t seen more than five or six episodes of the show. I like how it has Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and the Riddler all teaming up like it ain’t no thing, and I’m always up for a canister of Bat-shark-repellant, but in general this movie is nerd-repellant to me, spoofing an aspect of the Batman comics that only got worse because of this show. Though I suppose that just as we may have needed Batman & Robin to wreck the movie franchise before we could have Batman Begins, this show and movie are more or less responsible for Batman comics getting more grown-up-friendly again in the late sixties and into the seventies. Thanks, Bat-shark-repellant! Grade: C+