13 Things We Learned From the Pitchfork People’s List

08/22/2012 2:18 PM |


This morning, as promised, Pitchfork went live with the results from The People’s List, their souped-up version of a Reader’s Poll, tracking their audience’s favorite records released over the lifespan of the site. It’s full of interesting widgets and USA Today-style infographics. They’ve got all sorts of clickable tabs embedded in the visually appealing interface. You can sort through the ballots of nearly 28,000 participants, zeroing in on poll results as filtered through specific metrics like voter age, genre preference, year of release, city lived in, hat size, sandwich loyalty, which Radiohead member participants thought was “The Cute One,” and if there was only one record that would make you buy more sneakers than you currently do now, which one would it be?

While we’re not entirely sure that we agree with their contention that “the surprises far outnumber the expectations,” it is an awful lot of info. People will likely be assigning crack-pot theories to the results for days to come. We however, looked at it for a half-hour or so, and came away with these 13 things of note.

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  • citing “interesting fact #8”, i actually listened to both “Disintegration Loops” AND “The Drift” within the past three days, unawares of how godawfully pretentious i must be… oh my god, I’m melting… MEEEELLLTIIIING!

    p.s. thanks for recommending “Indoor Living”. Listening and loving!

  • Meanwhile over at Slate Jody Rosen is whining about how rockist and lacking in diversity the list is. It’s a “scandal” and “embarrassing.” “What the hell is wrong with these dudes” says the guy who has spent the last few years trying to make us feel like elitist bigots for not liking Brad Paisley and Kelly Clarkson.

  • Ian Cohen has good taste. Why don’t you like Jimmy Eat World?