A Listener’s Guide to End of Summer Revelry and/or Depression

08/31/2012 1:33 PM |


The realization that this weekend marks the end of summer, if only in our minds (September 21 officially seals the deal), is one that can crush souls or bring ecstatic alleviation, contingent on your affinity for heat, sand, tank tops, the permeating smell of trash baking in the sun, being exposed to people’s toes in flip-flops, ice cream and air conditioning. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, though, there’s likely a song titled “End of Summer,” or some slight variation thereof, that externalizes your exact feelings, because it would seem that every band is required to pen a song titled “End of Summer” or some slight variation thereof. Here’s a short-listed guide of which version is the most apt way for you to bid the season farewell.