Arcade Fire Could Very Likely, or at Least Very Possibly, Be Releasing a New Album in 2013

08/29/2012 11:45 AM |


  • Sly Canadians

Somehow, in the summer shuffle of absolutely nothing at all, news that Arcade Fire will be releasing an album in 2013 flew under the radar. (They’re the indie-rock band that cured cancer won a Grammy that one time so this is a Big Deal.) Word came last month via a fan-operated Twitter feed and a supposed confirmation from the band’s UK label Mercury Records, though their U.S. label Merge, remains mum. So, you know, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution here. (UPDATE: The aforementioned fan-operated Twitter feed cites this tweet from @MusicWeekNews as a source.)

Falling in line with their habit of releasing an LP every three years, they’re due for a follow-up to 2010’s The Suburbs within the next 12 months, so that also seems to be working to our favor. There’s also an anonymous person/robot/possible-industry-insider on a random message board—obviously the most reliable source out there—who, four months ago, declared the record will see daylight by January. The person/robot/possible-insider’s predictions regarding this fall’s release cycle have been surprisingly accurate, nailing Grizzly Bear’s Shields for September and the St. Vincent and David Byrne collaboration for October (though they’re off by a month on that one, still pretty close). To quote the rumormonger, BECAUSE WE’RE EXCITED BY WHAT THEY’RE HINTING AT, here’s a look at some other releases possibly in store, maybe, for 2013:

-New Arcade Fire album by January 2013.
-Expect a new Vampire Weekend album around the same time, too. [editor’s note: !!!]
-St. Vincent/David Byrne collaboration album scheduled for October.
-Grizzly Bear album being mixed later this month. Probably released in September.
-The National started recording their sixth studio album.
-The Strokes are recording their fifth studio album.
-The new The Antlers EP may get delayed.
-Cloud Nothings testing new material.
-Beach House are also working on new music. It is unclear when it will be released, but it’s supposed to be an EP or a shorter release of some kind. Slated to include “White Moon”.

At least according to this, Arcade Fire’s UK label president Jason Iley has said that, “2013 could be one of the best years Mercury’s ever had,” hinting that there are indeed a few heavy hitters planned for the coming year. This can only be good news.

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  • Your hunches are right! My husband bumped into Will Butler not long ago and asked him when then new album is due. He confirmed that it will be in 2013! Can’t wait!