Audrey Tautou Filming in Park Slope? Très Brooklyn!

08/14/2012 1:19 PM |


Finally, un peu de culture, de joie de vivre, de je ne sais quoi is coming to our dim, bland borough.

Oui oui, in spite of our (and the French’s) rejection of all things “très Brooklyn,” professional actress/sprite Audrey Tautou will soon be filming in Park Slope. And ecoutez-moi, real estate strivers, her producers are still looking for an apartment to use for the shoot!

Yes, director Cédric Klapisch is reportedly in pre-production and scouting apartments in Park Slope for his upcoming film “Chinese puzzle,” the “third installment of his L’Auberge/Russian Dolls Euro-romantic trilogy.”

Ah yes, that one.

If you think your apartment is mignon enough for Cédric et Audrey, they’re looking for a ground or first floor apartment available for use on September 10, and can be contacted via details available at Park Slope Stoop.

Even if your apartment isn’t up to snuff for the project, there are still plenty of ways to help roll out the welcome wagon. Personally, I’ll be off planting sunflowers and sprinkling pixie dust on the sidewalks until her arrival. We can’t have this place looking like a total hell hole when Audrey gets here.

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