“Best of Brooklyn” Appendix B: Best Appearance of a Brooklyn Band in a Totally Unrealistic Commerical

08/03/2012 1:02 PM |

Nevermind prerecorded material and the space-time continuum, the most bewildering aspect of watching NBC’s prime time coverage of the Olympics has been rendering my DVR useless and being forced to watch commercials—one of which happens to feature Brooklyn band Oberhofer inciting jubilant mayhem at a rooftop concert in pursuit of selling us T-Mobile phones. That girl in pink is there for extra reinforcement. The stage is surrounded by neon lights. The roof is packed. Everyone is having the time of their lives, clearly.

This is all fine and good, and the use of Oberhofer’s starry-eyed hit “o0Oo0Oo” confidently coins the scene as “hip” and “youthful,” which I suspect is the goal. The roof is the part that gets to me. “The overcrowded rooftop scene” has romanticized city life to the degree it’s turned into a marketing meme, but has anyone ever attended a concert like that on a NYC rooftop? Where electrical outlets, generators, noise violations and capacity restraints aren’t an issue? It’s like the pictures of girls in college catalogs lying on their stomachs with their feet crisscrossed in the air while studying on the quad. No one ever did that. Ah, the legends of youth! So, there we have it: winner of the best licensing gig in a commercial depicting things that never happen in real life. Now I’m off to buy a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3. Excited!