Devo Writing A Song About Mitt Romney’s Roof-Riding Dog

08/15/2012 1:40 PM |


Because Mitt Romney will never, ever get enough heat for strapping his Irish Setter Seamus to the roof of a car for 12 goddamn hours on a 1983 family road trip, Devo has decided to add to the fray with an upcoming song about the harrowing incident.

The song will be released digitally on August 25th under the extremely straightforward (and internet-friendly) title, “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus).”

And sit back down, skeptics, this is no one-off publicity stunt. Devo happens to be very committed to all things Seamus.

The group’s founder and commercial director Gerald V. Casale just launched the Remember Seamus campaign under the stated goal of making “2012 the year where animals like Seamus are valued and honesty is praised.”

Well, why not.

The band is also throwing their support behind Dogs Against Romney, and Casale is reportedly designing a smartphone game entitled “The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed,” set for release on National Dog Day (August 26th, in case your calendar wasn’t already marked).

If you, too, are passionate about this cause, the website is currently selling merch with a Shepard Fairey-ized photo of the noble, long-suffering dog. And who doesn’t love some nice, timeless dog merch?