Did You Know That August is Anal Pleasure Month?

08/23/2012 9:30 AM |


Me neither. But apparently, it is! Huh. Well, we’ve all still got a week and a half to sort out what to do to celebrate. If you are on the fence, you can read this spirited debate between a writer at Vice and a writer at The Frisky about whether anal sex is gross or not (you will be shocked to learn that Vice is on the anti-anal side).

Or perhaps more constructively, check out butt sex master Tristan Taormino’s Anal Advisor column. She has also written several books on the matter.

Further, why not buy yourself a strap-on and watch the classic film Bend Over Boyfriend? Butts! So much we can do with our butts. But only until the end of August. After that, we’re all stuck celebrating National Yoga Month. Namaste.