Ecuadorian President Correa Now Bragging About Rape Being Legal in Ecuador

08/22/2012 10:45 AM |


This Julian Assange apologist bullshit has got to stop. I’ve never seen anyone (except maybe Roman Polanski) induce otherwise reasonable people to fall all over themselves defending a rapist. Like, okay, I get it. This is a very complex situation, that has a lot of different constituencies who are focused on different things.

Wikileaks is important. The work they did was incredible. But Wikileaks is not Julian Assange. The way we are treating Bradley Manning is deplorable. That shouldn’t happen to anyone, especially not someone who was ultimately doing the right thing for his country. But that doesn’t mean you can just brush a few rapes under the table. Adrian Chen did a great job yesterday explaining why it makes no sense to view Sweden’s demand that Assange face justice for his actions as some kind of international extradition bait-and-switch.

And Ecuador, I understand that you’re pushing back against the United States muddling around on your continent. That’s a completely valid thing to do. We are complete assholes, hegemony-wise. But when you’re saying stuff like this:

Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, has said Julian Assange should respond to the sexual assault allegations made against him by two Swedish women, even though the case would not in his view constitute criminal behaviour in Latin America. [The Guardian]

It might be time to reconsider your position. You’re bragging that rape is not illegal in the country you are in charge of? That’s not good, seriously. There is no such thing as “this guy would be a great guy if he hadn’t raped those women.” Sorry.

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  • Correa is not saying that, YOU IDIOT!

    The charges against Assange are that he had sex with a sleeping woman a few hours after they initially had sex. Also, that he didn’t use a condom while having consensual sex with another woman. Would these even hold up in your cherished US courts? And would that make rape LEGAL in the US? Or you are simply unable to give any respect to an Ecuadorean?

    Why can’t Sweden, US and UK commit that Assange won’t be extradited to the US? That’s all that matters.

  • Here we go again with the “all accused rapists are guilty” bullshit.

    Maybe Assange is guilty. But Jesus Christ, if you were ever going to make an exception to your presumption of guilt policy this would be the case to do it. There could be no better way for the CIA to take him out than to manufacture something like this. Do you honestly think they don’t want to take him out, and/or are not capable of doing something like this?

  • Having sex with a sleeping woman is rape. Even if you had sex with her a few hours earlier. Previous consent does not lead to future consent. If she’s asleep she can’t consent. Consent is required for it to be not rape, and consent is required EVERY time.

    Having sex with a woman and not using a condom is not rape. Unless she consented on the condition that a condom was used. In that case not using a condom, or removing the condom during sex constitutes rape.

    Pulling a woman’s legs apart in order to penetrate her is rape.

    Assange may or may not be guilty, but the allegations are definitely those of rape, and regardless of the wonderful work he did with WikiLeaks, he must face those allegations.

  • The things filed against assange are less rape and more sorta kinda maybe rape that wasn’t reported until days later, it doesn’t fit under any charges really outside of sweden and that is what Mr Correa is referring to.

    He stayed in the first womens flat for a week after, why be around a “Rapist” for a whole week? They met and realised he had sex with both, they wanted a STD test or would go to the police, he denied. It’s obviously bullshit and this is a completely pointless article.