Listen to a New Song by Darlings, That Band We Never Shut Up About

08/10/2012 3:31 PM |


It is our duty, as the junior varsity cheerleading squad of locally sourced garage rock, to make note that Darlings released a new 7-inch today. The A-side, “Pet the Ghost,” is what I always imagined Jordan Catalano’s band in My So-Called Life sounded like, with rambunctious guitars subverted by glazed vocals that still manage to hint at slight introspection—a small step from the blatant rowdiness of Darlings’ debut album and towards adulthood. Listen to the track below (also “If This Is Love” because it’s still perfect), then join them at Glasslands tonight to welcome it warmly into the world. You have exactly seven Fridays left in summer. Make them count.

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