Net Art Fridays! Vol. 1: A Clumsy Unicorn and a Scary Map

08/03/2012 12:16 PM |


Every Friday, I’m going to recap some of the brightest art projects online. The only requirements: they have to be about art, and they have to be online. Some of it’s art, some of it’s not. This week I talk about two projects, a game starring a unicorn that can barely walk, and a global map illustrating arts budget cuts.


CLOP, Foddy

CLOP is a game about a unicorn who needs to save a damsel. You control each of the unicorn’s legs with just four keys (H,J,K, and L). Users aren’t given any instructions on what those four keys do though, making the game hard to play. What happens is a lot of standing still, kicking in place, and, if you go crazy enough with the keys, the unicorn will flip over, crashing on its belly, and then die. Playing CLOP means accepting failure: there’s no easy way to win.

Foddy’s previous games exercise this fatalist view on the world. His most well-known piece, QWOP, features a track star who, like the unicorn in CLOP, suffers from similar limb control problems.