Net Art Fridays, Vol. 2

08/10/2012 12:28 PM |


Every Friday, I’m going to recap some of the brightest art projects online. The only requirements: they have to be about art, and they have to be online. Some of it’s art, some of it’s not. This week, we discuss a smartphone gallery, an endless parlour game played out on Tumblr, and a new episode of PBS’ Off Book.

1. Widget Art Gallery


I’m surprised that net artists haven’t taken hold of punning on “pop-up” gallery more often by doing a “pop-up window” gallery. Widget Art Gallery comes close to the idea with their monthly exhibition of net art, which is mostly GIFs, delivered to the windows of any iGadget. Yesterday saw the debut of artist Grace McEvoy’s solo exhibition interactive dreamz, a one-window GIF displaying several landscapes, all pulsing with the shiny undersea colors of a day-glo aquarium in Chinatown.

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