New Twee-Like Ticketing Service Allows You to Buy Directly From Bands’ Facebook Pages

08/29/2012 2:57 PM |


Today in our “good ideas” news segment, we have Tikly, a fresh-faced concert ticketing service that allows artists, venues and event producers to sell directly from their Facebook pages rather than rerouting buyers to, say, a Ticketmaster page. Mashable reports that while there are tacked-on fees tacked on for customers purchasing tickets through Tikly, the costs are relatively slight compared to services like Ticketmaster, who’s notorious for surplus charges and general sucking. Tikly, currently in beta and being used by 300 clients, comes on the heels of other consumer-friendly sites like Eventbrite and Ticketfly, though it’s one of the first of the group to employ set fees: $1 for tickets that cost under $10, 10 percent of the cost for tickets that fall between $10 and $75, and a flat $7.50 for tickets over $75.

Emma Peterson, Tikly’s 23-year-old cofounder and CEO, told Mashable that the company “envisioned features for a true music lover” in aiming to mimic the tangible-ticket-buying experience as close as possible. And so each ticket is assigned a name, a description and images. Peterson hopes to one day add MP3 streams and a space to purchase band merch along with entry to the show. Venues could even pre-sell drink tickets, she says, as a way of creating a smooth, carefree concert-going experience. Tikly: the twee-est ticketing service out there.