New York Teens Smoke More Weed Than Ever, Says New York Post

08/13/2012 10:27 AM |


The New York Post kicked off the week by announcing, delightedly, that according to its own survey, New York teenagers are now smoking more weed than they ever have before!

More specifically, they’re “going to pot” by getting “high on weed.”

According to the study, 17.7% of youths are now smoking weed, up from 12.3% in 2005. “Every kid my age does it,” one Brooklyn teenager told the Post, “but it’s not a good thing. They can end up in bad situations.”

The same perturbing survey also found that almost one third of teens “drink booze,” and 28% are overweight or obese.

The only thing that’s actually gone down since the last survey is consumption of sugary soda. Well, that and exercise. None of the young people are exercising. Instead they admit to activities like “[using] my Blackberry to text and [going on] Facebook all the time.”

No, the Post laments, “sex seems to be their only physical activity.”

This paints a daunting picture for the blazed, chubby, over-sexed young people of this city, but buck up! We hear sex can be a very, very effective weight loss tool.