Slow Club’s 5 Favorite Things Right Now

08/30/2012 12:15 PM |


Today we’re back with another edition of “5 Favorite Things,” that recurring feature where we check in with bands en route to New York and ask what five things are helping them cope with the touring life. In the L Mag music department’s long tradition of dramatically claiming bands overrated/underrated, we’ve never once faltered on where we stand with Slow Club. They fall squarely in the latter category, is the short answer. Paired together, the Sheffield duo’s two records capture the full spectrum of pop, from wide-eyed giddiness to world-wearied caution, all set against the backdrop of gleaming melody. We suspect this Friday at Glasslands they’ll be playing a selection from each (and maybe some new stuff?) during an one-off from supporting Mumford & Sons on their current tour. Until then, let’s hear what’s been keeping co-singer/guitarist/drummer Rebecca Taylor sane during her time in America.