This Story About a Dad Wearing a Skirt to Support His Dress-Wearing Son Is Very Touching

08/30/2012 2:33 PM |


It feels right to draw attention to this really nice story about humanity, even if it didn’t happen in Brooklyn, or New York or North America, for that matter. Yesterday, a newsbit began making the web rounds detailing the story of Nils Pickert, a dad who started to wear a skirt when his 5-year-old son, who happens to love wearing dresses, showed hesitation when picking out school clothes, fearing he’d be taunted by classmates in their “very traditional, very religious” German town. It’s maybe the feel-good read of the summer. Here’s a rough translation of the interview with Pickert in German feminist rag EMMA, which got picked up by outlets as varying as Gawker and the International Business Times. So many Internet phenomenons pander to the negative, this one seems worthy of note. Consider it a quick reminder as we head into fall that we’re doing somewhat alright as human beings.

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