You Can Tell A Person’s Gay From Their Eyes, Scientists Say

08/06/2012 2:44 PM |


Don’t you love these kinds of studies? We love these kinds of studies. On the same day as the historic landing of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars, the scientific community also brings us a study indicating that levels of pupil dilation can indicate a person’s sexual orientation.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, it’s not that anyone can be determined to have a case of what I like to call “gay eyes.” The findings are mostly significant for researchers, who found that pupil dilation in response to visual “erotic” stimuli is an accurate and much less invasive way to test subjects in studies relating to sexuality.

“With this new technology we are able to explore sexual orientation of people who would never participate in a study on genital arousal, such as people from traditional cultures,” explained Gerulf Rieger, the study’s author.

Apparently, the new technology has already revealed some interesting factoids about bisexuality. “Previous notions were that most bisexual men do not base their sexual identity on their physiological sexual arousal but on romantic and identity issues,” said Reiger. “Contrary to this claim, bisexual men in the new study showed substantial pupil dilations to sexual videos of both men and women.”

File this one under “The More You Know.” Also, there may be something to all those rumblings that people really don’t choose the sexual orientations they’re born with.

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