13 New York High Schools to Offer Morning-After Pill Without Parental Consent

09/25/2012 10:00 AM |


Yay! How wonderful is it to live in a place where sometimes people actually make sense when it comes to sex and sexuality?

The department says girls as young as 14 will be able to get the Plan B emergency contraception without parental consent.

Parents have been notified about the CATCH pilot program and how their daughters can opt out of it.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says she supports the program because high school students are sexually active and getting pregnant.

The city says about 7,000 girls get pregnant by the time they reach the age of 17. It says more than half choose to get an abortion. [Washington Post]

So instead of an expensive surgical procedure, they can take pill. HOW MUCH SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? The schools already give out free condoms.

I will never, ever understand the reluctance to let high school kids have access to any and all birth control and information about sex they want. Sure, some people aren’t ready for sex in high school, but LOTS of people are. Hell, it’s only recently that it wasn’t pretty normal to get married in your teens, not that I suggest going back to that model. It’s just that, I think part of thinking “kids that age aren’t ready for sex” is about the potential consequences of sex: babies and diseases. If you can eliminate a lot of that risk, isn’t that ideal?

And parental consent just seems beside the point. I don’t think minors should be emancipated before 18 or anything, but by the time you’re 16 or 17, your decisions about your body should be your own. It seems to me a parent’s job is to raise their child to feel confident making the decisions about sex that are right FOR THEM, not right for whatever idea their parents have about them and their sexuality. Anyway, good job schools and good job Speaker Quinn.