And Now Some Friendly Feedback for Justin Vernon on His Proposed Tattoo Designs

09/18/2012 12:40 PM |


The L Magazine‘s official stance on Justin Vernon’s personal style is a thumbs-up. The tweed suit and tie-with-tiny-animals he wore to collect Bon Iver’s Best New Artist Grammy last year was not to be messed with. His beard is the perfect balance of trimmed and casually shaggy. This shirt is endearing within the context of a live performance. We therefore trust his instincts to get a large arm tattoo inspired by the moose-filled 90s television show Northern Exposure drawn in the style of Czech decorative artist Mucha. For optimum customization, he’s turned to fans to submit designs, one of which he’ll wear on his flesh, forever and ever. The winning designer will be awarded a cash prize and everlasting fame of having kinda drawn on a Grammy award-winning artist’s arm. In his words:

I named my band after an episode of Northern Exposure. In the episode a women transforms a gold rush village into a cultural place with one single dance in a tavern. They name the town after her, Cicely, Alaska… My favorite, hopefully what your illustrations will be based on, is the image I uploaded of Cicely with arms outstretched in mid-dance. You can’t see her with the flowing scarf in her hands, but that would be cool if we could involve that. THANK YOU!

This is a really important thing to me. I don’t know how to express that exactly… It’s a TV show but it weirdly explained my life to me. Cicely is the metaphor for that.

He’s since whittled the proposals down to five. Because this is a really important thing for him, we thought we could offer some help choosing the final design. And so after the jump, we do just that. Because we like you, Justin, and don’t want you to live your life with regret.

Definitely be sure to tell him your thoughts on the matter at one of Bon Iver’s four shows at Radio City Music Hall this week. Until then…