Check Out This New Online Art Magazine, “Megazine”

09/20/2012 1:20 PM |

Jesse Cohen’s “John Baldessari Nose VS. Picabia Nose,” from “Art Death Match,” Issue 3

  • Jesse Cohen’s “John Baldessari Nose VS. Picabia Nose,” from “Art Death Match,” Issue 3

We’ve seen a lot of exciting work come out of online arts journals like Triple Canopy and The Highlights over the past few years. Text-image-audio essays have challenged ways we read stories and blended media into a more immersive and personal experience than the gallery tends to offer. But while you’d think art on the internet makes for a more open community, the landscape still seems tightly controlled (or, I guess, professionalized)— so I was excited when I heard about Megazine, a recent online arts journal for emerging artists.

You’ll know a few of these guys already, like Bruce High Quality Foundation and past contributors Lola Schnabel and Sophia Knapp, but everyone’s well worth checking out, like regular contributors Miracle Jones, comic artist Ebecho, and photographer Oto Gillen. Like The Highlights and Triple Canopy, it encourages experimentation with visual display; for example, they’ve animated a three-part story so that the sun appears to rise and set behind the text. (Don’t be turned off by the ambiguous headers and the hidden drop-downs. If you hover over “Megazine” from this page, you’ll find plenty of nuggets from past issues in the timeline.)

In this issue, writer Miracle Jones offers another free business idea (in issue 1, it was a gay bar called Penis, France— pretty good, I think), in addition to stories “Kickstart My Bad Life” and “The Party Pirates Blog.” Truly hardcore readers can try out one of their many art cocktails, like the “Blue Hawaii” (beer and Tide) and “The Frankfurt Headache” (red wine and vodka). Fuck.

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