Ex-Abortion Doctor More Afraid to Talk About His Work Now Than When it Was Illegal

09/04/2012 1:20 PM |


Robert Livingston, a doctor who performed abortions in the 60’s before it was legal, says the climate around abortion is more poisonous today than it was back then. Which is terrifying:

Livingston, once a lightning rod in the North Jersey abortion debate, now avoids telling anyone about his role in that chapter of American history, even though he strongly maintains his belief that abortions ought to be legal. The issue, he says, has become so emotionally charged that he no longer feels comfortable talking about it — not to the colleagues of his grown children and not to the residents of what he described as a conservative retirement community where he now lives.

“I would be afraid,” he said, adding that he believes the stigma of being an abortion doctor is greater than it was in the 1960s, when it was illegal to perform the procedure. “The atmosphere is so ominous now. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” [NorthJersey.com], via HR Reality Check

Dr. Livingston’s story is fascinating—go read the whole thing if you can.