Glow-In-The-Dark Pool At Rave Caused Permanent Eye Damage, Claims Lawsuit

09/18/2012 12:18 PM |


  • Gothamist via Unicorn Meat NYC

If you were hoping for news today that would scare you away from ever partying again in your entire life, you’re in luck.

Gothamist reports that two women, both 19 and from the Bronx, are suing the promoters of a party called Return to the Bubble Kingdom, at which glow-in-the-dark pool water allegedly left them with irreparable damage to their eyesight.

The $90-a-head August event took place in a Sunset Park warehouse owned by Atlantic Properties (who are also being sued), and the suit alleges that promoters “dumped toxic chemicals into the large pool to alter ‘the color and/or reflective properties’ of the water,” leading to contact with “dangerous, hazardous and/or toxic chemicals” that a lawyer for the case described as a “chemical soup.”

So. Think that overpriced rave sounds like a good idea now? Is “permanent reduction of visibility in both eyes” your idea of a party?

That’s what we thought. Stay inside for the rest of your days, regardless of the personal and professional cost. Terrible things can and do happen everywhere.

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