Happy Friday: At Least You’re Not the Women (or the Husband) From This Week’s Wedding Video From Hell

09/28/2012 2:22 PM |

There is a part of me that feels for this woman, who I assume has been shamed into removing the above “surprise wedding video” from YouTube (it no longer appears on the site), though only after she pimped it to the Huffington Post (in a tweet that’s also since been removed)* and saw the comment section wreckage it incited. Because of that, there is another part of me that is so pleased someone made a bootlegged copy of it. After learning she’s a proprietor of organic juices, that side has won out. And now here we are. Viewers should watch the video, shown at the leading lady’s wedding as a gift to her husband, with caution (check out Buzzfeed for the full experience). Meanwhile, the organic-juice slinging woman who is very much in love should gently be reminded that, despite feeling she “just may have it all” as professed in the song, that’s not necessarily the case.

Here are some things she doesn’t have:

1. a good grasp as to how the Internet works
2. humility
3. the chance to see LCD Soundsystem perform live
4. notable vocal ability
5. a healthy relationship with her cat**
6. an understanding of appropriate places to drink macchiatos (i.e. not in the ‘hood)

But, hey, don’t sweat it, pretty lady in the video. Everything’s okay-o when you’re with Tadeo, and everything is better for the rest of us knowing we aren’t the ones in this video. Happy weekend, world.