Here Come the Democrats, But First: All You Need to Know About Republicans

09/04/2012 12:33 PM |

Its Chairy! Chairy is tolerating the crazy, old man.

  • It’s Chairy! Chairy is tolerating the crazy, old man.

Although Labor Day weekend is widely recognized as summer’s unofficial end, this year the end came a little bit before that. Or at least, it felt like some kind of end as an apocalyptic, nuclear winter atmosphere descended upon Tampa, Florida as both hordes of Republicans and Hurricane Isaac made landfall at the same time. Though our country was spared the harsh winds that Donald Trump planned to let loose from his squiggly, earthworm-like lips, we still were exposed to all sorts of other insanities and inanities over the course of the Republic National Convention.

Did you watch? I didn’t. I couldn’t. I value what little of my sanity is left. But I did want to sound knowledgeable about what was happening, so I paid close attention to the social media that I most trust. And now, I’ve rounded up the best tweets and tidbits of those storied few days in Tampa, so that you too can feel politically informed.

Or maybe you already are politically informed? In which case, good for you. But you can still read these and laugh. Laugh and laugh until you cry at the prospect that these troglodytes have actual support in this country of ours.