Northside Takes a Field Trip to POP Montreal (Includes Cheat Sheet of Must-See Bands)

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09/20/2012 12:38 PM |


If you’re heading north for POP Montreal’s annual festival this week (essentially Canada’s version of SXSW, but with more quaintness) swing by the Ukrainian Federation for a Northside-presented performance by Aussie instrumental heavyweights Dirty Three tonight at 7pm. Then we’ll all go watch Win Butler play some b-ball. As for the rest of the fest, here are a few suggestions to guide you through the nerve-racking process of deciding what bands to see over the next four days (as there are many, many bands set to play over the next four days):

1. Grizzly Bear
Fresh off their appearance on Fallon the other night, you should probably expect our local heroes to play a bunch of stuff off their new record Shields. And maybe, just maybe they’ll throw “Two Weeks” in there for good measure.

2. David Byrne and St. Vincent
We just want to stomp our feet and shake our hair to the horn-filled exuberance that is Love This Giant. And then, you know, we’ll catch the duo again at Williamsburg Park when we get back to Brooklyn.

3. Diamond Rings
This Northside-alum has been especially close to our hearts since the final night of Northside 2011; we spent it embroiled in an epic dance-off during his set at Europa (our art director is still the reigning office dance champion). Plus, you’ll want to show up just to see what he’ll be wearing this time around.

4. Merchandise
This Florida-based trio blazed through New York City last week, but in case you missed them (what were you thinking?) you have this weekend to chase them across international borders before they head back down south.

5. Cate Le Bon
Le Bon may be playing Mercury Lounge tomorrow and Union Pool on Saturday, but there’s something about seeing a Nico-nodding Welsh songstress in a French-Canadian province where everyone runs around wearing berets and carrying cigarette holders (don’t they?!) that just feels right, you know? You know. (And it just so happens that her latest album, CYRK, is quite stunning.)