Pepper-Sprayed Occupier to Have Baby with Protester Who Treated Her

09/25/2012 9:00 AM |

Tony Bologna with Kaylee Dedrick at The Incident

  • Tony Bologna with Kaylee Dedrick at The Incident

Well, here’s a silver lining, I guess, to last year’s Tony Bologna pepper spray incident: Kaylee Dedrick, one of the women caught in the pepper spray blast by the NYPD deputy inspector in late September 2011 that helped fuel the protest movement, expects to give birth to a daughter in two weeks fathered by the fellow protester who treated her, the Times reports. Robert Grodt, a volunteer medic, took Dedrick into Cinema Village and tended to her in a utility closet. They became a couple and were known to “slumber side by side” in Zuccotti, the Daily News reported last year, before Grodt proposed in the park on New Year’s Eve.

“Despite her lawyers’ requests,” a lawyer for Dedrick said in a press release, “the couple refuses to name their baby ‘Pepper.'”

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