Some People Had Public Sex at the Yankees Game This Weekend

09/17/2012 10:15 AM |


In a nearly exact re-enactment of high school everywhere, a couple had sex under the bleachers at the baseball game, and everyone crowded around to watch rather than getting a teacher to break it up.

Several stadium employees were among the slew of onlookers who flocked to the cinderblock bathroom, which bears a sign pledging “the highest possible levels of comfort with regards to quality and cleanliness.”

Fans “thought it was amusing that they should probably be using one of those walkie-talkies to call someone to do something about it (but) no one wants to blow the whistle on something as epic as this!!!” the tipster posted.

The couple appeared oblivious to the commotion around them, and allegedly continued to run the bases even after several onlookers cried foul.

Even after someone knocked on the stall door, the couple kept on copulating.

But eventually, the extra innings ended — and fans gave the woman a slow round of rhythmic applause as she parted. [Daily News]

Honestly, I give the Daily News a C for their sports sex puns. Even as a non-sports-knower-abouter, I can tell there’s unexplored pun ground there. Also, this lady:

“I would not sit on the seat after that,” said Victoria Wanderman, 33. “It’s definitely unsanitary, whether or not they’re using a condom.”

Victoria, I have some bad news for you about every public toilet seat ever.