Things I Learned From Watching Tavi Gevinson on Jimmy Fallon Last Night

09/12/2012 12:34 PM |

In keeping with Late Night‘s hipster-friendly narrative, Jimmy Fallon hosted once-upon-a-time fashion blogger, current editor-actress-alt-pixie-high-schooler Tavi Gevinson last night, in town to promote Rookie Yearbook One, a compilation of pieces from her online magazine‘s first year. There was a lot to be learned from the little one.

1. She really is not normal, in the best way possible.
At 16, I got nervous every time I had to talk aloud to a group larger than four, but then there’s Tavi, who comes across confident, composed and self-aware on national television—not just for a 16-year-old but by grown-up adult standards too. There were hints of self-deprecation throughout the convo (“Well, I’m still growing up outside of Chicago”) to take off the “cooler than thou” edge, which is extremely important if the pores in your body have a miraculously balmy glow that makes you look like a Disney heroine in vintage threads.

2. That said, if you mimic something known as “Bitchface” on a national talk show, the host may feel the need to explain to the audience that it’s just an act, so use “Bitchface” with caution.
I found it endearing that Fallon felt the need to protect her by clarifying to those over the age of 50 that when Tavi threw her voice into a passive-aggressive tone, it was just for show. Because she wrote something about it her website, see. It’s in the book. It’s a joke. Note: Jimmy Fallon would be an awesome BFF to a teenage girl. That sideways glance he pulled off was right on point.

3. Wear your hair in braids, always.
I thought Lauren Conrad had sold me on wearing my hair in various braided styles, but Tavi’s Heidi-revisonist look really seals the deal. That random pink clip on top of her bangs inspires me to throw in a barrette here and there to keep my bangs from getting boring. Life lessons, learned.

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