Update: Lincoln Restler’s Election Results Still Unclear

09/25/2012 10:51 AM |


The contested race between incumbent, reform candidate Lincoln Restler and Vito Lopez-backed candidate Chris Olechowski for Democratic District Leader in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area is still up in the air nearly two weeks after the election, with more recent counts showing Restler down by 31 votes.

Counts last week indicated that Restler had won the election by 53 votes, but Restler was contacted over the weekend by the board of elections, telling him that scans from the polling site had come up with new, less promising results for his re-election campaign.

Restler re-iterated in a statement, “We are going to make sure that every last single ballot is reviewed and counted fairly,” and sent supporters an email requesting volunteers to help monitor the hand re-count that now underway.

We’ll update here when there are (finally) conclusive results.

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