Within James Murphy’s Dodges, More Signs That He Is Producing the Next Arcade Fire Record

09/05/2012 1:13 PM |


When he stepped away from LCD Soundsystem a year and a half ago, James Murphy cited all manner of projects his band’s continued existence totally screwed him out of:

“Twice, I couldn’t make an Arcade Fire record. I couldn’t make a Spoon record. I couldn’t work with John Cale or Devo. The plan was for this band to be part of my life, then it started to be the whole of my life.”

AND this further explanation of the two Arcade Fire chances he’d missed:

“Before Neon Bible [was recorded] I went to Montreal and hung out with them. We talked about doing the record but it just didn’t work out…I took an extra year off but so did they, so when it was time to make [the new LCD Soundsystem] record, they were making theirs.”

Now Murphy’s LCD documentary has premiered and he’s truly got some free time on his hands. As we know, Arcade Fire is maybe, probably, kind of prepping a new record for early 2013. So, third time’s a charm?

BBC DJ Zane Lowe asked Murphy specifically about “The AF record” a few days ago, and got this response…

“That’s not something I can talk about yet.” YET! That’s it, it’s on. Let’s daydream about how good the drum sounds will be. (And how good they will eventually sound playing inside an Abercrombie and Fitch.)

Just yesterday, asked again about the future by the BBC’s Edith Bowman, and knowing that his earlier denial failed in its quest to not make news, his duck is more oblique and timely to current events. “Four more years of Obama.” (How bad do you wish LCD would come out of retirement to play “Pow Pow” at the DNC, if only to watch Fox News heads explode over the “we have a black president and you do not, so shut up” line?)

That shit-eating grin, however, speaks volumes. (Maybe? Please?)