A Plea to Animal Collective: Please Don’t Play Your Makeup Show at Terminal 5

10/05/2012 2:49 PM |


Word came a few hours ago that Animal Collective’s Dave Portner was diagnosed with laryngitis this morning, forcing the band to cancel their show tonight at Brooklyn’s concrete field of dreams, Williamsburg Park. I was so looking forward to complaining about all the bros shouting for “My Girls” and relentlessly tweeting how I think Centipede Hz is one of the most underrated albums of the band’s decade-spanning career, but such is life.

With Williamsburg Park closing its doors for the season (tonight was to be the official send-off) and the promise of a makeup NYC date from Team AnCo, the question becomes what indoor space has availability within the next few months and the capacity to accommodate 5,000-some ticket-holders from what I’m guessing was tonight’s sold-out, or nearly sold-out, show.

Spreading the crowd out between two gigs at Terminal 5 seems like a plausible solution, so here’s where the public plea come in. I’ve tired seeing you guys at Terminal 5 before, but I ended up staring at one of the venue’s numerous support poles for an hour and a half. The characterless setting sucked out the oddity of the show, and your live show tends to hang its hat on oddity, Animal Collective. Those giant fluorescent teeth you’ve been playing with lately? Those would be gobbled up by the inky bleakness inside of a Midtown hangar. Also, the sound tends to suck in there. Please inquire about Beacon Theatre‘s availability first, is all I ask. It’s so pretty in there, and there are not as many support poles.

Ok, now I feel better. I hope you feel better soon too, Dave. Until then, I’ll just watch this performance of the Panda Bear-led “Rosie Oh” from Fallon last night a few more times:

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  • They are kind of at the level where they should do multiple Terminal 5 dates or maybe even an arena show at a Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden. But it is such a bummer.

  • seriously dude? I hope your joking… Barclays or MSG? Wow……..

  • Well think about it. Hollywood Bowl, Merriweather twice, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. They have a chance.