Billy Idol Is Now Available For Birthday Parties

10/25/2012 1:41 PM |


Everyone knows that even the most untouchable famous people are generally willing to show up at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings of strangers, as long as they’re being paid well enough. Beyonce even played for that dictator’s New Year’s Eve party one time. Beyonce. And a dictator.

The point is, anything can happen, and now none other than Billy Idol is officially in the game, after one man’s two-year-long campaign for him to sing at his birthday party.
The story is equal parts weird and sweet.

Apparently, Seattle resident Michael Henrichsen decided in the midst of a recent quarter-life crisis that the clear solution to his problems would be a Billy Idol birthday performance, and has relentlessly pursued Idol ever since, creating a website, garnering endorsements from the likes of Ron Jeremy and Kevin Nealon, and even fronting a Billy Idol cover band for a series of charity concerts dubbed Billy Idol Aid. It has been exhaustive, to say the least.

And Billy Idol is nothing if not a lovable, accommodating, birthday-loving dude, and so, via the below video, Idol finally agreed to play a show, tomorrow at Seattle’s Showbox theater. The whole thing is pretty heartwarming, really, even if it does throw a sort of harsh light on Nelly’s numerous refusals to show up to my Christmas parties. I guess the key is really persistence.

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