Boring-Looking Midtown Building Turns Out to Be Brothel

10/22/2012 11:00 AM |

This place?

  • This place?

I guess maybe it’s just that the word “brothel” conjures up a much more exciting image, but it’s hard to believe this plain-ass building was home to a bustling escort service.

Cops broke up a Manhattan prostitution operation that brazenly catered to Johns with a fetish for Asian women, court documents revealed today.

William Thomas, 42, was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution when he met with an overcover cop and hooked him up with working ladies at 238 E. 50th Street, according to a Manhattan DA criminal complaint. [NY Post]

I remember when I first moved to New York (ten years ago, I am very old) I imagined there was something seedy and exciting happening inside every building I passed, and that if I just knocked on the right door, I would be ushered into some secret awesome club. That, obviously, is not true. Most buildings are just full of people watching Netflix on their laptops. But still. Goes to show you never know.

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  • Gotta also bust and nj sister site …operates nearby on 38th st and on rt 4 ft lee, nj