Brooklyn Museum Cancels “First Saturdays” Dance Parties Indefinitely

10/05/2012 2:22 PM |


  • Brooklyn Museum

It is a sad, sad day for vaguely art-related dance parties, with the Brooklyn Museum’s announcement that they’ve suspended their “First Saturdays,” which regularly bring in up to 20,000 people for a dance party in the museum on the first weekend of every month.

Museum staff cite local complaints about excess noise and foot traffic, while internet commenters, per usual, blame factors including “debt-fueled gentrification.”

And, though the museum promises to supplement their absence with other programming, the dance party was far and away First Saturdays’ biggest draw, and locals are disappointed. “I hope they reconsider, I think it’s a great Brooklyn event,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams.

And hey, reconsider they just might! Museum staff say they tried a number of other options before deciding to cut the parties, and if newly scheduled events in the building’s Beaux-Arts Court cause similar problems, they’ll know the parties aren’t to blame.

In the meantime, party loyalists aren’t having it. “The only thing everyone can enjoy is the dance party,” said event regular Stephanie Morgan. “Without it, I don’t need to go to the museum every month. It’s a waste of time.”

Here here! Is anything a bigger, lamer waste of time than going to a museum if they don’t even bother to have a DJ?

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  • As someone who works for a small business in the area loosing First Sat is a big blow. It’s also a big blow to the local community as a whole as it encourages individuals and families who may not ordinarily visit the museum to go. Simply having the DJ/party takes the intimidation away for those who may not attend otherwise. Please bring it back!