Ha: CNN Pulls Hormonal Lady Voter Story

10/25/2012 10:45 AM |

All that is left of yesterday’s CNN story about how ovulating women vote more progressive because they feel “sexier” is this sad retraction:

Post removed: Study looks at voting and hormones

A post previously published in this space regarding a study about how hormones may influence voting choices has been removed.

After further review it was determined that some elements of the story did not meet the editorial standards of CNN.

We thank you for your comments and feedback. [CNN]

As tiresome as “the person or news outlet says awful thing/internet outrage pileon/apology or non-apology” cycle can be (I think we can all agree to never talk about binders ever again), it is pretty glorious to see once-mighty founts of stupid news brought low by hashtags. A half day from publication to unpublication is pretty good, internet feminists. If only our hashtags could vote.