Help us Choose the Best Restaurant in Brooklyn!

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10/04/2012 12:31 PM |

Editors Virginia Smith and Henry Stewart enjoy some fine dining.

  • Editors Henry Stewart and Virginia Smith enjoy some fine dining.

We need your help.

Our Best Restaurant issue hits news stands Wednesday, October 24, but readers, there’s a problem. Our lovely but cripplingly indecisive staff just can’t decide on which restaurant is truly Brooklyn’s best. After a long series of violent arguments at the editorial table, we finally narrowed it down to five, but we need your help in deciding which is truly #1.

If you are so inclined, and we hope that you are, because this shit is important, click here to cast your vote. We’ll put the winning spot on our October 24 cover, and bestow upon it bragging rights as the Best Restaurant in Brooklyn, as Chosen by a Free, Pocket-Sized Biweekly—and that’s an honor and opportunity that doesn’t come around often.

The nominees, in case you were wondering, are as follows:

Vinegar Hill House
Marlow and Sons

If you’re having some trouble deciding yourself, may we suggest some criteria? Like, well, the food for starters. But also ambience, prices, and the friendliness of the waitstaff. Or you know, just go with your gut (ha?). You have until Monday, October 8 at midnight to vote. Let your voice be heard!

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