Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” Vs. Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain”

10/15/2012 11:57 AM |


Last Friday, as we were naively planning on two days to get our whole sleep situation in order, there came a burning question that wrecked all that by keeping us up in a cold sweat. Because on click one of the newly released video for Lana Del Rey’s “Ride”, as we listened to its mind-melting voice-over start and nervously eyed the 10-minute plus running time ticking away on the bottom, it was obvious that this was a serious statement, an instant classic that brought to mind some real cultural touchstones of pop cultural sleaze.

Perhaps this spring’s rumors of an Axl Rose/L. Del R. tryst were just glimpses of our girl climbing the face of Ridiculously Scummy Americana Mountain, bypassing the caves of Kid Rock, The Valley of The Nuge, in order to meet with the wise old monk who lived atop it, in a hyperbaric chamber stocked with cocaine and Mountain Dew. Lana Del Rey had come to steal the secrets of the dirtbag-love video epic, from the man who made “November Rain”!

But has the student become the master??? To the tape!

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  • I’m not much of a fan of Slash’s ponderous UYI solos. What happened to the Chuck-Berry-in-hell ferocity he drops on Nightrain and all over Appetite?

    But I give him credit for the Don’t Cry video, in which he emerges from the burning wreck of the sports car he just drove off a cliff to silence his naggy woman just in time for the guitar solo. They don’t make rock stars like that anymore!

  • LDR swings from a large crane hidden off camera. Crane is a phony prop, setting the theme for this turd still stinking from LDR’s SNL ‘performance’. B grade Americana a la Aerosmith level, problem is it’s been overdone. My 16 year old daughter went EW!, my film major son said it wasn’t even good kitsch or camp, my other daughter said surveillance and narrative cancelled–all of us turned off the thing from boredumb.

  • Who are your sources? Pretty sure I read it was hung by St. Peter himself.

  • Pretty sure people are wondering why r u wasting time with this. We’re you ‘told’ to present this?