Live: Divine Fits Stick Around

10/24/2012 1:00 PM |


Did we mention that we’re really into Divine Fits? Oh, we did, like a million times already? Well, its true. So it was a distinct pleasure to catch the band last night in the snug confines of Manhattan jazz club Drom, at a party thrown by Buzzfeed’s recently launched music section. With band members too famous to ever need a “playing little bars”phase, small club shows were always going to be a rare bonus. But it seems as if the Fits would be content just hanging out forever, popping up Springsteen-style in dive bars to drink beers and play svelte rock covers. Last night, Dan Boeckner still had fresh cellophane on his arm from a tattoo he received upstairs ahead of time (which might not actually provide 100 percent fresh ink protection from wild rock n’ roll flailing).

They played for about 45 minutes, hitting all of A Thing Called Divine Fits‘ high points, culminating in that sublime version of “Shivers”, which pretty much has to be the last song they play at every show, because it is perfect. There was room in the setlist for a cover of Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky”, which has been in Boeckner’s back pocket since early Handsome Furs days, if I’m remembering my now-lost blog bootlegs correctly. That era of Petty is a pretty good touchpoint for them, legitimately rocking, no real fat to trim, sort of a snarl to their sentiment. If anything though, Boeckner and Britt Daniel might have better rock n’ roll voices than Petty! You’d hear Britt sing, and think, OK, that is the most perfect rock voice on the planet, but then switch allegiance to Dan on the next one. Having both of them in the same band is hardly even fair. And as side-project-y as this all might have seemed on paper, the bro camaraderie on stage makes it awfully hard to believe that this isn’t a project destined to keep going forward. I mean, they got tattoos about it…

(Somewhere, Spencer Krug sits in the dark, writing a 15-minute song about a sad, sad centaur…)