Male Musicians Finally Taken Seriously, Thanks To The Stranger

10/04/2012 12:40 PM |


  • The Stranger

Like hip-hop, computer science, and the American Presidency, rock ‘n roll has been an unfairly been a female-dominated industry ever since its inception.

Well, enough is enough! Seattle’s forward-thinking alt-weekly The Stranger has faced the problem head-on with a bold new issue dedicated to “Men Who Rock.” It is quite a revelation.

The papers editors explain it thusly:

“With male-fronted bands, male solo acts, and even all-male bands becoming more and more commonplace, 2012 has definitely been the year of fierce men in music. They’re starting to rock all the genres, too: provocative punks, steamy rock ‘n’ rollers, dashing cowboy sweethearts, hiphop hunks—men are even making it in the complicated world of electronic music!”

What follows are a series of interviews with (incredibly game) local musicians from bands like Champagne Champagne and See Me River, covering everything from whether it’s “scary or overwhelming ” to play music in a “largely male environment” to their workout regimes to their preferences in personal fragrance and underwear type.

Disappointingly, though, none of them discusses their food routines and diet secrets. Which, why even interview these dudes if we’re not going to address that? Progress is still progress, I suppose.

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