Name Suggestions for Ke$ha’s Inevitable Ghost Baby

10/01/2012 9:30 AM |

The cover of US Weekly in 9 months.

  • The cover of US Weekly in 9 months.

As I’m sure you know by now, last week Ke$ha revealed that her song “Supernatural” is inspired by the time she had sex with a ghost. Brilliant. But how to top such a winning PR move? What could get more attention than ghost sex? Ghost celebrity baaaaabbbbyyyy!

Look for Ke$ha’s people to start planting “rumors” about her ghost baby bump in the next few months. But every celebrity baby needs a celebrity baby name. Ke$sha, here are some suggestions:

1. Ka$per
2. Boo Berry
3. Pilot Inspectre
4. Ghosthunters Cameo-ina
5. Slimer
6. Banquette
7. Purple Ivy, which spelled backwards is Latin for “Lucifer’s step-niece”
8. Bruce Willis Spoiler Alert
9. Ghost Apple
10. Clyde