New Divine Fits Video: “Would That Not Be Nice”

10/04/2012 1:26 PM |

A Thing Called Divine Fits has been nestling into our stereos for a few weeks now, getting cozy, refusing to leave. We’ve gone over this before, but what’s so engaing about the record is that, more than just a side-project goof for famous friends Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Handsome Furs/Wolf Parade belter Dan Boeckner, it feels like the work of a real, flesh-and-blood band committed to working out their shared rock n’ roll minimalism.

This brand-new video for the Daniel-fronted “Would That Not Be Nice” popped up on Stereogum this morning, and does a good job of presenting that concise “real band” feel, showing overlapping snippets of the Fits’ individual members playing live, together. You never get a group shot, but the collective action is still subtly emphasized. And with blaring psychedelic light touches and fragmented, but overlapping imagery, there’s a cool touch of mystery to it, too. It’s sorta oblique, but totally classy. Which feels just right.